Make Them

Behave Sustainably

Fundamental concepts concerning sustainable consumer behavior + strategies and instruments to design sustainable consumption interventions.

Tool to assist the design process to produce sustainable and innovative solutions to change consumer behavior. 

Projects, companies, campaigns and governmental strategies who are forerunners in terms of sustainable production and consumption strategies.

Inspire yourself to start a constant improvement to make a real difference for the environment, for people, for the economy and for the planet.


We need a global commitment to sustainability if we want to live in a responsible, safe and prosper world, and most of all if we want to give this to our children and future generations.

Designers play a key role linking manufacturing processes and consumers to seek alternative solutions to the wasteful lifestyles of contemporary society. Their role is to influence a positive change through the creation of responsible and sustainable interventions and goods.


This book is intended to offer readers an integral perspective about strategies to change consumer behavior and promote sustainable consumption. It combines theories, concepts, and methodologies from a variety of disciplines to facilitate the conception and design process of sustainable products, services, processes, strategies and consumption patterns, from start to finish.


Designers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, creatives, marketers, policymakers, and anyone else who has the power to influence or change the living conditions of one person, or an entire society.



Adriana Olaya Rodriguez  is a passionate design thinker. She graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia with a BA in Industrial Design, followed by an MSc in Eco-Design from the Politecnico di Torino in Italy. Along with her academic background in systemic and sustainable design, Adriana has a proven track record in business storytelling and design research.


Even at her young age and in the early stages of her career, Adriana has provided strategic guidance and project delivery management on a broad range of projects for different types of organizations — from the retail sector, private companies, service industries up to the public and governmental sectors — including the European Commission, UNICEF, 3M, UNDP, and the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, among others.


She is a dedicated vegetarian, a sustainable lifestyle activist, an animal lover and a high-quality-service addict. Even as a child, Adriana explored her great curiosity concerning environmental aspects, which later (with her academic and professional experience) turned into a deep interest in systemic design and circular economy to achieve sustainable development.


In 2015, Adriana was selected to be the Sustainability Reporter of the Nudge Sustainable Hub to write reports about sustainable projects in Colombia and around the world. This was followed in 2017 by a fellowship in the program ‘International Climate Protection Fellowship for young climate experts from developing countries’ through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to conduct research on her two favorite topics: design and sustainable consumption. 

Nowadays she works at Quantis as Sustainability Communications Strategist and Italian market lead supporting organizations to make clear, credible and creative sustainability communications to inspire people, help them understand what’s at stake, and encourage them to make more responsible choices.​