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Are you designing a service, product, campaign, strategy, or policy? 

This Roadmap assists designers in the design process to produce sustainable and innovative solutions to change consumer behavior towards a more sustainable lifestyle and consumption.


This tool should be used as a systemic guidance map or toolbox to place sustainability at the center of the design process from idea generation, through implementation, up to the creation of new solutions for complex consumption-related challenges. However, it is not a rigorous step-by-step manual detailing how a design project should be conducted.

The roadmap consists of six stages: 1) defining the desired behavior and target consumer type, 2) understanding the psychology of consumers, 3) selecting the most suitable design intervention type, 4) choosing the facilitator strategies to take action implicit in the intervention, 5) generating the idea and concept (compilation of design properties) and finally 6) evaluating or assessing the process to learn and improve.

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